all-about-empaths“Empathy is the ability to read and understand people and be in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily of one’s empath capacity.

From an excellent site – YourZen GrowthEmpathy Definition: Importance and Benefits of Practicing Empathy in Everyday Life – “…empathy is having the ability to share another person’s feelings. This trait allows people to connect on more meaningful levels so that people feel understood and respected.”

Empaths have the ability to scan another’s psyche for thoughts and feelings or for past, present, and future life occurrences. Many empaths are unaware of how this actually works, and have long accepted that they were sensitive1 to others.” Empathy and Empaths – by Christel Broederlow is an excellent article worth reading.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 5.06.25 AMClosely tied to empathy is “Holding Sacred Space.” – Mind-map video short.


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