Change is inevitable. We all experience it in our personal and professional lives; and more often times than not, we feel a loss of control and fear sets in. While this is a natural reaction, and we take steps to remind ourselves that all is on Divine order, nonetheless, it is often times painful.

As it relates to business, only 1 in 3 organizational changes are truly successful in the long run. People lose their jobs, survivorsScreen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.55.27 AM of layoffs grieve the loss of their fellow employee and it can be unnerving up and down within an organization.

All that said, change in necessary for organizations and companies to survive. Products and services become obsolete, competition moves in, economies change, political landscapes change and world events occur.

Below is a series of short lectures that speak to Organizational Change theory and is material worth considering whether a person is at the top or the bottom of the ladder. I found them to be both affirming and enlightening.