The Circles of Men Project, in association with the Charter for Compassion, launched in January 2019 for the purpose of creating and fostering a global constellation of likeminded men working together to elevate mindfulness, compassion and consciousness among men around the world.

The overarching intention is to provide a forum:

  • for thought leaders in men’s work to support one another navigate forward in the rapidly changing world
  • to enable men and boys around the world to engage in contemplative conversation both in person and virtually
  • to help provide a foundation for work in the area of deep healing between women and men with Gender Equity and Reconciliation International.

The Circles of Men Project is evolving as an extension of the Men’s Fellowship Network which launched in 2012 and has grown into a global network with visitors to the website from over 140 countries; half of whom are women seeking to learn more about the issues men face today and to offer as a resource to the men in their lives.

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