The world needs more compassionate men. The sad fact is that most men’s groups eventually fail. That is why, after almost eight years, over 25,000 collective man-hours in our circle, and over thirty-five events beyond our circle in 2019 in the U.S. and Africa, it is time to consider expanding our work. This expansion is what the Circles of Men Project represents.

As we expand, what is becoming evident is the New Compassionate Male is emerging in the world as the New Archetype. He has more fully integrated his head and heart, and no longer measures himself primarily against the warrior archetype in bringing to the world his true power and wisdom.

Traditional men’s group models generally work from the outside in to help a man connect with his heart, but they often miss the mark for the man who: feels compassion but cannot express it; seeks greater purpose in life, but cannot find it; is a loner, not a joiner, and may not trust other men; or is shut down and dying inside and, as a result, is bringing his pain into the world in destructive ways.

The New Compassionate Male Initiative is a call to action and brings into men’s circles a unique inside-out contemplative model that helps men by holding compassion as its foundation in bringing men together. It provides a safe space for men to gather and explore into the essence of compassion within themselves. It helps men understand and embrace that true compassion is not necessarily easy; that is it is more than sympathy, and goes beyond and into meaningful action; and exercising compassion can be uncomfortable.

This counterintuitive approach basically tosses out most everything we have traditionally relied upon in forming and managing men’s groups and meetings. In this approach there is no judgment, it fosters spirituality but brings in no religious doctrine, no “secret handshake,” and men do not seek to fix one another. We have gatherings verses meetings; we have topics of conversation, not discussion; and, while commitment is important, we bring to light the value of intention.

The Circles of Men Project is focusing its efforts domestically and in Kenya, with an eye towards expanding along the Nile River basin of Africa.

Contribute today! $50.00 will support one young man in participating in a Circles of Men Project retreat in Kenya.

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