In Search of the New Compassionate Male grew out of the Men’s Fellowship Network.

The Men’s Fellowship Network has been gathering weekly since April 2012. Over this time we have invested over 20,000 man-hours collectively exploring the topic of male spirituality. Every Monday evening over 1,000 life-years of experience and wisdom are represented by those present within the circle.

I have come to believe that the moment men connect on a spiritual idea or move from their head and into their heart something special occurs. An unspoken link joins them on a higher plane than the mere words they express. It is like the clear vibrational tone from a crystal bowl resonating through us. I believe we all resonate in this way and intuitively know the energy it brings.

My personal mission within the Men’s Fellowship Network is to help men pause to touch into the essence of Spirit within themselves, and to recognize and connect with other men on a slightly higher plane than they otherwise might.

Over the past 40 years I have experienced and touched into my own personal spiritual vibration and shared it with others in many ways through my: poetry, art, photography and through the creative spirit unleashed within organizations I have helped lead. Today, as I awaken more spiritually, I am touching deeper into the essence of my life’s meaning and purpose, and finding the courage to be more open, vulnerable and authentic with other men. I am grateful for the life lessons that have brought me to this moment and thankful for the abundance I am experiencing today in life itself.

The article Men’s Spirituality by Donald Bisson was the cornerstone in the formation of the Men’s Fellowship Network. This article, along with articles and videos by Fr. Richard Rohr and many others have helped the MFN to develop into the global network of spiritual men that it has.

Thank you for your interest in the Men’s Fellowship Network. My hope is that you will find something that resonates within you and connects us at a higher level than we might have otherwise connected. I invite you to join our mail list where the weekly topic is announced and join us on a Monday evening.

With love and blessings,

Clay Boykin
Author: Circles of Men
Founder, Men’s Fellowship Network