Is there a cork in your bottle? Is there something within you that is begging to be expressed? What is holding you back from expressing it?

Is there a repetitive thought or idea, or something you’ve always wanted to express or that you repeatedly say no to? Have you turned the excuses for not doing these things into reasons and convinced yourself that you should not express or do these things?

What is the long-term impact of keeping this energy bottled up inside? What are the long-term psychological and physiological effects? What if you were able to release this pent-up energy in a healthy way? What then?

Conforming to the corporate world for over twenty years and denying myself my natural way of expression manifested in years on a medicated rollercoaster ride of high anxiety and deep depression that led to a heart attack, a quintuple bypass at age 53, and a mystical experience that changed the trajectory of my life. While I fully recovered physically through cardiac rehab, I was left with a lot of emotional, mental and spiritual work to do. There was still a cork in my bottle and I was still bottled up inside.

Is there a cork in your bottle? Is there a repetitive thought that that sounds like:

  • I wish I could write a book.
  • I wish I had time to play golf.
  • I keep visualizing myself ____, but I can’t seem to move myself into action.

Perhaps this is that still small voice within beginning to shout, “You need to start listening to me; your life depends upon it!”

Below are a couple of articles and a few videos for your consideration.

11 Behaviors Holding You Back from Moving Forward in Life

1. Being too safe
2. Doubting your own dreams
3. Being influenced by negative people
4. Expecting everything to be easy
5. Letting everyone else decide for your life for you
6. Living in the past
7. Ignoring the lessons
8. Holding on to resentment
9. Being too hard on yourself
10. Being so pessimistic
11. Giving up too soon

10 Signs You Have Bottled Up Emotions Inside

1. You have a tough exterior
2. You have frequent tantrums
3. You’re a good listener
4. You often feel lonely
5. You feel anxious all the time
6. You’re always rushing about
7. You have an addictive personality
8. You gain/lose weight
9. You have digestive issues
10. You have regular headaches