In his book, The Naked Now, bestselling author Richard Rohr brings us back to the truths of Christian faith and shows us that non-dualistic thinking, awareness of the present, and release from ego can awaken our spirits and open us to joy, transformation, and enlightenment. This exploration of the lost tradition of mystical Christianity plumbs the depths of the messages of Jesus, Paul, and the great contemplatives to help us become unified with our true selves.

Rohr offers anectdotes and illuminating examples to illustrate the vital importance of an undefended experience of connection with the divine. His guidance encourages us to move away from rigid models of knowing to a contemplative and awe-inspired understanding of reality.

This practical resource also provides specific methods for identifying dualistic thinking and simple practices for stripping away ego and the fear of dwelling in the present. The stories, meditations, and exercises in this book will help you: Awaken your desire for God Free yourself from crippling fears Connect to the joy within Transform yourself and inspire others See as the mystics see Live in full awareness of the Naked Now.

Contemplative Prayer