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Healing the Masculine Soul – Gordon Dalbey

His first book, Healing the Masculine Soul, pioneered the Christian men’s movement by freeing men from both religiously correct morality and politically correct ideology. His 1991 appearances on the Focus on the Family radio program drew a listener response in the top 10% of the show’s history and were re-broadcast in 1998, 2003, and 2008. In a later book, Sons of the Father, he proposes healing for what he calls the “father-wound,” which he asserts cripples men as husbands, fathers, workers, and friends. Fight Like a Man, his third book, focuses on the unmet longing for “Dad” and a father’s manly guidance, which stirs...

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“…Grace shows up in the portal of not knowing. When the heart is clenched tight, whether in anger or certitude, in fear or in grief, grace coaxes the fist open, looks into the palm and reads there a lifeline of a larger possibility. Grace is an open hand, extended to the stranger, to the loved one, to the wounded one within. It is the open hand of relationship, of kindness, of blessing.” – Karen Hering Salt of Grace “Spill my tears into this sacred space, and with a sip of compassion, I taste the salt of grace.” c.boykin-2013 *** Article...

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Depression. It is something in our present culture we have difficulty talking about, yet each of us at one time or another have known someone or have been personally affected by depression. In the pit of darkness without a ladder, some remain frozen in this place for days, or weeks, or even years. It is the darkest night of the soul and perhaps the loneliest. One website page cannot do justice to the significants of this topic, but perhaps it can serve to open a conversation among the men, families and friends affected by depression. ~ cb TED Talk: “The...

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The Law of Reflection

We are all about go, go, go; we are about action; we are about getting things done. But if we don’t take time to stop and let the growth catch up to us, we miss what is there for us to learn. Where does a man start in a conversation about his own grief? Or does he? Or does he stuff it, perhaps for years? Where does a man go? Where can he go? Where are the answers? Video clips worth pausing for: Holding Sacred Space For a Friend More Food For Thought: Feelings vs. Emotions Empathy Deep...

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Healing the Father Wound

“Early in 1990, in a ground-breaking PBS special “A Gathering of Men,” poet Robert Bly blasted through the gender-muddling of previous decades with a jarring truth. The average man today, he declared, has learned well from his mother to embrace his “soft feminine side” and become tender and receptive. But he hasn’t learned to embrace his more deliberate “masculine side,” because his father has been emotionally and often physically absent.”   Other Links: The Father Wound in Folklore Gordon Dalbey Hidden Sadness Depression Grief and Men Man’s Search For Meaning...

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