In this podcast Renée Yaworsky and I share ideas on men and compassion, what women can do to support men, and the work that is for men to do with men.

Renée Yaworsky drummed, sang and played guitar in various rock bands you’ve never heard of. With a background in English Literature from the University of Georgia and Oxford University, she earned a law degree at Syracuse University. She served as a reporter for the human rights organization Impunity Watch, as a fellow at the Syracuse Medical-Legal Partnership, and as a contributor to research on nostalgia. She is currently writing a biography on Peter Tork, and is the producer of the podcast: “A Conversation with Dennis Tardan”. She is also poised to publish a fictional book series featuring a touring rock band. When she’s not writing, editing, or playing music, you can find her binge-watching 60’s TV shows and dipping Milano cookies into Earl Grey tea.

Podcast Episode – Renée Yaworsky