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When I was young, I learned that I was different from other children; that I could not learn the way others learned. I could not take notes the “normal” way and I could not keep up in class. The other children often made fun of me and I withdrew socially. I began not trusting others. I passed on many offers of support by classmates, teachers, family and potential mentors.  I told myself that I could figure it out on my own if I just worked harder. This was a mistake that would cost me down the road. (continued)

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  • In Search of the New Compassionate Male w/guest Ellen Newhouse
    Ellen NEWHOUSE is a woman who knows how to laugh at life and herself, even, no especially, in difficult times. She marries heart-centered spirituality with her fierce warrior self in facing her own everyday challenges as well asteaching her patients and students how to do the same for themselves. She has earned this privilege through […]
  • In Search of the New Compassionate Male w/guest Gard Jameson
    Gard Jameson received his PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2005 and his BA from Stanford University in Religious Studies.  He teaches Asian Philosophy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is the author of five books, Footprints on the Sands of Time, Phaethon, Monkey, and Ramayana, Our Mythic Moment, the last three books […]
  • In Search of the New Compassionate Male-guest: Brenda Gustin, PhD
    Brenda Astara Gustin, Ph.D., CMT, RYT is an author, spoken word translator. She facilitates healing and educates through hermetic science, alchemy, yoga and a variety of healing techniques. Uncertainty and constant change require us to listen with care to discern our next best step. Brenda’s is to share specific techniques that can be integrated with ease […]
  • In Search of the New Compassionate Male w/guest Chuck Robison
    Kundalini – In 2019 Chuck Robison was chosen to lead the Kundalini Research Foundation. Now Located in the Austin, Texas area, he will guide the Foundation’s work into the 21st century. Kundalini’s time has now come and one of our major goals is to create cooperative alignments with other like-minded organizations to increase the impact […]
  • In Search of the New Compassionate Male w/guest Gudjon Bergmann
    Gudjon (pronounced the opposite of Bad-John) Bergmann is an author, interfaith minister, father, musician, and bridge-builder. His most recent book is titled Spiritual in My Own Way: One Man’s Gritty Search for Meaning and Peace of Mind. For more information about his books, music, ministerial services, and more, visit www.gudjonbergmann.com.   About Search of the […]
  • In Search of the New Compassionate Male w/guest Martin Dowman
    Martin Dowman has taught me a great deal about men and compassion; by the way he shows up in the world and models the way for others. Martin knows the value of cultivating deep and meaningful relationships with men, how to stand in one’s truth with an open heart, and how to hold space for […]
  • In Search of the New Compassionate Male w/guest Geoffrey Manasseh
      Geoffrey Manasseh is a peace builder, interfaith youth educator and education activist. Geoffrey is responsible for and deeply committed to mentoring and guiding youth to achieve their goals. He coordinates cultural preservation trainings, leadership and interfaith dialogue, peace-making seminars and holds capacity building trainings for youth as students on personal development and youth empowerment. […]
  • In Search of the New Compassionate Male w/guest Orlando Johnson
    Orlando Johnson came to the realization that sometimes just a conversation can go a long way to helping someone heal. With this thought he decided to launch a podcast called – “The O-Johnson Podcast”. On his podcast he discusses masculinity, relationships, marriage, business and spirituality. It is his way of giving back to the generation […]


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