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The New Compassionate Male is the New Archetype. He is emerging in the world, his head and heart are more fully integrated, and he no longer measures himself primarily against the warrior archetype in bringing his true power and wisdom to humanity.- Your donation will go directly in support of the Circles of Men Project – New Compassionate Male Initiative.

The world needs more compassionate men and The New Compassionate Male Initiative implements a new form of men’s circle model that awakens the power of compassion and mindfulness within every man.

After eight years and over 25,000 man-hours invested within the core circle developing the approach and process, and after launching circles in the U.S. and Kenya, it is time to expand globally.

With your support, the New Compassionate Male Initiative will launch a global awareness campaign; will work in close partnership with Charter for Compassion and in collaboration with Gender Equity and Reconciliation International, and with International Peace Initiatives–Kenya; and will conduct men’s retreats, workshops and open new circles within the U.S., Kenya and other countries.

The New Compassionate Male Initiative engages the man who feels compassion but cannot express it; seeks greater purpose in life, but cannot find it; is a loner, not a joiner and may not trust other men; or is dying inside and, as a result, is bringing his pain into the world.

Traditional men’s group models generally work from the outside in to help a man connect with his heart, but the sad fact is that most men’s groups eventually fail. The New Compassionate Male Initiative addresses this problem as it creates a safe space for men to connect deeply, to be heard, to speak without fear of being judged, and to learn from one another’s life experiences.

While it may seem as though the world has taken a turn for the worse, the New Compassionate Male is truly rising as the New Archetype, bringing new found hope into the world. –

Charter for Compassion: One of the most urgent tasks of our generation is to build a global community where men and women of all races, nations and ideologies can live together in peace. In our globalized world, everybody has become our neighbor, and the Golden Rule has become an urgent necessity.