Standing frozen in fear at the middle of the old bridge the young boy and his friend could feel the rumbling of the water as it shook the pilings. They had walked out to this spot many times, but this day the bridge seemed more fragile, and the wooden slats less secure. The wind gusted and Pride whistled in the young boy’s left ear. The wind calmed and Courage became the whispering breeze in his right.

As the torrent rose and as the gusts returned slats began to shake loose and fall. Pride screamed above the roar, “Follow me boy, the slats are more secure this way!” and the young boy followed; but Courage whispered and he paused to look back to see that his friend had fallen. A split second later he lunged for his friend and pulled him to safety, but the slats the young boy was now on broke lose and he washed downstream. – Pride could have saved him, but it was the whisper of Courage that saved his friend.

Dr. David Hawkins sets Courage at the midpoint of his levels of consciousness map. Just below it is Pride. There are times when we react, without thought of our own safety, to save another. It’s not done from a place of pride, but from a space deep within that opens our heart in an instant, and we lunge for the sake of another.

This seems to me to be the tipping point between Pride and Courage, and reminds me of the verse: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend.” – John 15:13