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Clay Boykin

In Search of the New Compassionate Male

Where does a man turn for support
when he is stuck and isolated?
Where does a man go to learn trust in other men?
Where does a man go to find his center?

These questions burn within most men at some point in life.

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HE:  Dr. Robert A. Johnson, noted lecturer and Jungian analyst, updates his classic exploration of...

Father Wound




This book has come out into this game of life with absolutely perfect timing, like divine intervention has intended it. ~ This is a great book about Servant Leadership, which could be connecting the heart* with the mind. ~ Through much personal pain, the Author has shared great success with all of his brothers to learn and share with them and others. ~ This is a great book to read and review whenever you need to find your...self.

I highly recommend this book to all those men (and women**) who may have become disconnected, as some have unconsciously not intended to do so. Read the eBook as well and reconnect with self.
We are all one within self. ~Get the book that shares hundreds of hours of experience to creating a successful men's circle from scratch.

*The heart emits more frequencies than the brain, just check out books authored by Gregg Braden.
**According to Clay, close to ~49% of women were recommending Circles of Men to their partner.

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Going Deeper

As a child, I was different from other children. I could not learn the way others learned. I could not keep up in class. Other children made fun of me and I withdrew socially. It was during this time that I was preyed upon and left with a burden of unresolved shame. I stopped trusting others… (continued)

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