With the advent of air conditioning people began to spend less and less time sitting on their front porch, and less and less time getting to the neighbors. Today, it is not uncommon for families living right next door or across the street from one another not to know one another’s name, or even recognize one another in the neighborhood grocery store.

Doug the NeighborDoug Gowland, known as Doug the Neighbor, has developed a neighborhood podcast to help the neighbors get to know one another.

I invite you to follow Doug on Spotify and consider what it might be like to know your neighbors beyond the, “Hi, how ya’ doin’s.”

Brian Storrer – From Indiana, to Illinois to South Carolina to Texas

Clay Boykin – About Clay and the Circles of Men Project: Men’s Fellowship Network

Jerome Murray – Fascinating life of the neighborhood mailman

More from the neighborhood: Doug the Neighbor interviews the neighbors

…and a few of Doug’s YouTube videos: