A New Compassionate Male is emerging in the world as the New Archetype. His head and heart are more fully integrated, and he no longer measures himself primarily against the warrior archetype in bringing his true power and wisdom to world.

The world needs more compassionate men and The New Compassionate Male Initiative implements a new form of men’s circle model that awakens the power of compassion and mindfulness within every man.

Within he Circles of Men Project circles we recognize the man who feels compassion but cannot express it; seeks greater purpose in life, but cannot find it; is a loner, not a joiner and may not trust other men; or is dying inside and, as a result, is bringing his pain into the world.

Traditional men’s group models generally work from the outside in to help a man connect with his heart, but the sad fact is that most men’s groups eventually fail. After almost eight years, over 25,000 collective man-hours in our circle, and over thirty-five engagements in the U.S. and Kenya, we have launching the New Compassionate Male Initiative.

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