Mark Hicks  Our friend Mark Hicks has assembled a wonderful and in depth collection of Unity teachings on his website: TruthUnityIt centers on the metaphysical interpretation of the Bible and contains a wonderful Audio library of books by: Charles Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore, Emily Cady, Eric Butterowrth, and more.

The History of New Thought

Here are a few direct links to the Audio books and video presentations the TruthUnity website:

Audio Recordings of Charles Fillmore

Emily Cady – Lessons in Truth

On the Wings of Truth – “On Wings of Truth celebrates 100 years of Truth with a concise look at the basic tenets of Unity philosophy. Prosperity, healing, and human relationships, all created through the law of mind action, are the topics discussed by some of the most eloquent Unity ministers.” – Mark Hicks


Additional references related to the Vedas.