End Your Year Intentionally

I was thinking about what made this past year such an important and meaningful experience.  A friend shared an article that make me think about it in a meaningful way.  I thought that this may serve your process as well.  Feel free to suggest a video that may go along with this topic if you like.

    1. What makes this year unforgettable?
    2. What did you enjoy doing this year?
    3. What/who is the one thing/person you’re grateful for?
    4. What’s your biggest win this year?
    5. What did you read/watch/listen to that made the most impact this year?
    6. What did you worry about most and how did it turn out?
    7. What was your biggest regret and why?
    8. What’s one thing that changed about yourself?
    9. What surprised you the most this year?
    10. If you could go back to last January 1, what suggestions would you give your past self?

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