One of the most powerful series I have listened to in a long time.

“Passivity is the compulsion to pursue that which we say we do not want. Passivity is the place where our consciousness resides and rests, and we wait, and we wait, and we wait, and that is not to be confused with patience. We wait until somebody brings back something to us…. we wait and we suffer, until somebody or something acts upon us to make us different; to make us change. And when we don’t get that the passivity depends and resentment grows and rage prevails…” – John Lee

At the Minnesota Men’s Conference, John Lee speaks about Passivity in this first part of a three part series. He covers the foundation of this psychological phenomenon, including what keeps us paralyzed from getting what we say we want, and then motivates us to toward the things in life we claim we don’t want. Passivity is the condition that is at the root of much unhappiness and sadness for those that are gripped by it.

John Lee speaks about Grief Work as a solution to Passivity in this second part of a three part series. John Lee covers the components of Grief and how to identify where you are in the process, and also discusses how ritual is an important part of the grieving process as you move through to a successful exit of grief.

John Lee discusses how to get out of passivity in this third part of a three part series. John Lee covers a four part sequence on how to begin to get out of passivity among other techniques that will help you become a more active person in your life and relationships with others. John Lee was at the Minnesota Men’s Conference when he gave this discussion.

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