Beneath The Veil
Joe Adams 5/2/18
How do we see beneath the Veil?
Oh that Spirit would help me
See the World,
Multifaceted but whole,
My World and your World,
Though one Truth be the expected
Common theme.
To stand by one’s own Truth,
Lay upon the Veil.
Seems there is a Rabbit Hole of Truth
Begets the expression of reason and logic,
And mathematics to negate the fear
And ambiguities of intellectual
At the peril of ethereal predilections.
Existent within the tangible flow
Of the physical,
And aware,
So under the aegis of gravity;
Sight bent by the light and time
Relative to those much distant,
Who seek the Truth of our reality.
The seeming sterility of mathematics
Though oft evokes a sense
Of beauty and art,
Within the alchemy of numerical insight.
What then,
Is the artist seeking?
Is Beauty a quotient
Perturbed by the ripple of infinities,
That Pi be the EYE
To the maturation of insight
Of no equation,
Yet quantifiable to the whole
Of Beauty?
What Paradox,
Pierced to the heart
With Divine humor.
Is not Love then,
Encompassing all this?
A beautiful thing.
My Brothers Keeper
Joe Adams 4/26/18
My Brothers,
Permission granted
For one and the other to see.
Tell a tale of Truth that underlies
A myth of men long told,
In guise of rusted armor,
Pierced oft,
Betrays a solemn wound.
That which lay beneath,
A balm can be
That beauty reaches deep
As well,
A quell to that which suffered mighty.
Breathe a gift of gratitude,
This gift is shared
Though timid first
That trust avail itself in time
To off the Mail.
See into the heart
Where lies the art of healing.
The manly quest of yore,
The Journey,
That ardor permits a frightening glance
Into the eye of the Beast,
To satisfy a realized worth
That what is sought
Is within.
Allowed is the sight
That Love
Is the Holy Grail.
Love is a resonant gift
That binds the fabric
Of the heart,
That is We.
So, see the Dragon of fear
May be slain. ~