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Three Day Retreat

#MeToo to #WeToo:

Reconciling Relations Between Women and Men

Step beyond therapy, couple’s work, and women’s and men’s groups. Embark upon a new form of spiritual healing and reconciliation work that blesses and empowers everyone. Developed over 27 years, this unique, experiential program has been conducted for thousands of women and men on six continents, and has consistently achieved unprecedented levels of healing and transformation between the sexes.


page1image8199280In the wake of #MeToo, many of us are left with burning questions and a deep yearning for genuine solutions: What is next? How can we move forward—beyond the anger and outrage—to heal and transform relations between the sexes in practical ways?

Shame and blame will lead us nowhere – and neither women nor men alone can heal this crisis.

This training creates a skillful and deliberate forum, where we — as men and women together — can set forth on the shared journey towards the restoration of right relations between the sexes.

Join us in forging and accelerating new pathways of mutual healing, respect, and creative collaboration and partnership across the gender divisions in society.

I was deeply moved and changed, and am profoundly grateful for the experience. … So many clients in my psychiatric practice are depressed and traumatized by gender violence, as is our entire culture. The Gender Equity and Reconciliation vision is unique, and uniquely valuable to the world. — Peter Rutter, MD, Jungian psychiatrist, author of Sex in the Forbidden Zone and Understanding Sexual Harassment

Coming soon to Central Texas

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