Not that this applies, or has ever applied to any of us, but remember this saying?

“He who dies with the most toys wins.”

There is no question, we are all jugglers. We juggle work, family, friendships, health, spirituality, happiness, responsibilities, the checkbook, success and fulfillment. Of course I could go on and add more to this list, but you get the point. The battle for balance and fulfillment can be, or is, a moment by moment challenge.

So what’s the answer? What do I do? Someone answered that question recently telling me to, “Do more being!” He later asked how that was working out for me, to which, I just groaned.

Below are a few video clips I thought worth sharing; food for thought only. I’m not suggesting that these represent the answer. I found them useful to me in that they stimulated some thoughts. They enabled me to go through my mental checklist and find where I feel like I am on track, and where I might not be.

Live a Minimalist Lifestyle:

Minimalism On the Rise in Japan:

Lifestyle Minimalism – Renouncing Your Busy Stupid Life (Note: Uses a few expletives along the way.)