It’s not just about men.

Joyce Daher“I have heard so much of holding space for the divine feminine which is essential
but what about the sacred male?…. I am holding such a loving healing space for all men within this dominant patriarchal society. Today in our society the male is told that he must provide for the women (if she is not willing to do so herself) and yet have no emotion or say about it. He has been painted to be the all encompassing leader of the world, yet most are not shown his internal compass. With such sayings echoing in his subconscious as, “Man up” or ” Stop acting like a Child” , men are given great responsibility to provide and guard yet not being taught how to ground this energy or emotion to do so in a sustainable way…” – Jocelyn Daher


timpickles“In the last few decades we have started to see a re-awakening of our awareness of the Sacred Masculine.  This consciousness is not confined to men – although men are the group in our society who are often out-of-touch with their spiritual essence.  In the same way that both men and women have a feminine aspect to their conscious make-up, so too do both genders have a masculine aspect… continued” – Tim Pickles


Lillian Daniel“Most of us, irrespective of our biological sex, have some masculine aspects of ourselves, as well as some feminine aspects. In Jungian psychology, our inner masculine is called our animus and our inner feminine our anima. And one of the most common examples is that in Jungian dream analysis, irrespective of your biological sex, if you see a female figure in your dreams, that female figure represents both someone in the external world and some aspect of your anima, the feminine aspect of your unconscious. Likewise, if there is male figure in your dreams, that man represents both someone in the external world as well as your animus, the masculine aspect of your unconsciousAnd part of the journey toward maturity (what Jung called “individuation”) is becoming more conscious of what previously dwelled only in our unconscious, which includes becoming increasingly aware of both our anima and animus, our inner masculine and our inner feminine… continued” – – Lillian Daniel


Lion Goodman“It is important to separate masculine and feminine from the male and female genders. The virtues of the Divine Masculine can appear and have full flower in any body, regardless of the shape and size of its genitals. In the same way as the Divine Feminine has been recognized as a force that can be owned and embodied by both men and women, the Divine Masculine is available to all – because it is within… continued” – See more at: Lion Goodman

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