Hellen KellerWho inspires you?

What is it about them that inspires you?

Food for thought: You may not recognize it at the moment, or see it in yourself, but “you” are an inspiration.


Helen Keller – Truly an inspiration; to see Helen Keller, who could not see or hear, communicate and become a truly inspirational human being is remarkable.


It Looks Like A Normal Painting. When I Saw The Truth, I Was Blown Away!

man-whoooo-1050x551Paul Smith is an incredible artist who creates amazing pieces of art using only a typewriter. Unfortunately, he was born with cerebral palsy, a severe disability that affects motor abilities and strength. At an Oregon nursing home, he tirelessly types away using only 1 finger. Once you see what he’s creating, you’ll notice his artistic abilities are really extraordinary.

The bottom line is.. never let anything stop you from pursuing your passion.


Mother Theresa


The Abundance Factor