Christopher Howell

 Our brother Christopher Howell experiencing a truly exhilarating moment sitting on the edge.


Abraham Hicks talks about life being so much more than just the peak experiences in her short talk about experiencing the peak you are on.

“Recall an unfolding moment in your life that was exhilarating. Grasp it in you fist tightly. Now recall the time in your life when you felt most loved and clench it in your other fist. Feel the power in your fists in the present moment. Concentrate. Lean into the point of the arrow at your throat and push with all that positive present moment energy.” – This was the guidance given to me the moment before I pressed with all that energy and pushed through my fear, and snapped the shaft of the arrow. That is when I realized that I have the ability to make whatever peak I am on at the moment a peak moment. – c.boykin