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(Photo by: Christopher Howell)

The Radiant I Am by Emma Curtis Hopkins fans the ember that burns within. Powerful. Inspiring. Awakens the soul and lays a healing foundation for answering the questions. – Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?


“The listening disciple becomes a preaching apostle. Standing at the Center of Being and looking outward over the world, instruction is received from every quarter. But who hath told himself that all the objects he beholds and all their movements also are but projections of his own judgment? He seems always to be a learner and a seeker till at the center of his consciousness the fact is suddenly proclaimed that he himself produced the world as it appears.”

Full Text and Audio Narration (16-minutes)

Emma Curtis Hopkins (1849–1925) was an American spiritual author and leader. She was involved in organizing the New Thought movement and was a primary theologian, teacher, writer, feminist, mystic, and prophet who ordained hundreds of people, including women, at what she named (with no tie to Christian Science) the Christian Science Theological Seminary of Chicago. Emma Curtis Hopkins was called the “teacher of teachers” because a number of her students went on to found their own churches or to become prominent in the New Thought Movement.