Excerpt from a video by Sue Morter and Marci Shimoff: Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place of complete surrender, a place where you profoundly trust that you’re being taken care of by a Universal power? Where you trust that this Universal power is with you every moment? Where you live with the certainty that the Universe is really out to support you, that it’s on your side, that it’s got your back?…

…Throughout history, the wisest men and women have known that their highest good came from trusting and letting go, from surrendering. We don’t mean the kind of surrender that is “losing a battle” kind of surrender, not the “white flag” kind of surrender, but the kind that is letting go of personal limitations and aligning totally with an intelligence and an energy that’s greater than ourselves.

Food for thought: The Miraculous Power of Trust (3-1/2 min video)

Original article: The Miraculous Power of Trust