DrHarry_NewThoughtMany of us have come to understand that we are indeed spiritual beings, which means of course we are energetic beings. Energy is not separated from itself so the expansion of our awareness as energy beings is not only possible but inObvious Powerevitable. OBVIOUS POWER is about the energy mechanisms which already exist in everyone. By starting where we are, we can step beyond comfort and safety into conscious co-creation. This opens us to new awareness which opens us to new energy. Yes, even though on the surface OBVIOUS POWER is about self-improvement, happiness, habits and attitudes, it s also about the energy within and how our awareness of this energy along with the use of tools such as Habitudes empower each of us to grow and evolve gracefully in a world that is constantly changing.


New Thought author, teacher, spiritual leader and international lecturer Dr. Harry Morgan Moses interviewed by Rev. Dr. Steve Walling. Dr. Harry experienced a personal and dramatic healing that introduced him to Religious Science, his most recent book is ‘Obvious Power’, and the state of New Thought today.